Tell friends what you likeand get paid

Work Anywhere

From anywhere in the world

You Can earn money!

  • Open a blog
  • Tell your friends about it
  • Recommend products & services you liked
  • Get paid for it.

After two years of being involved in Affiliate Marketing, I can safely say that it is a very good way to earn some extra cash or even become your main source of income.

I highly recommend Affiliate Marketing as a source of extra income for publishers.

I would definitely recommend Brand-click as an affiliate management service provider. They are always available and provide timely reports that summarize progress of the affiliate network development program.


Exposure gives the best results

Whether you’re just starting out or you have a reputable brand that you know could benefit from better exposure, you owe it to yourself to get out there and start driving traffic to your website through media and PR.


Do You know your generation?

Identify the strategies, tactics, and mindset that any new entrepreneur should embrace, and highlights the shifting culture of modern business.


Friends become Affiliates

Affiliates can be anyone; bloggers, youtubers, friends on social media… They will share your affiliate link, and make a commission every time a someone clicks their affiliate link and purchases your product or service.

Let the platform work for you.

The hallmark of has been the ability to tap into local markets and customize its affiliate offering. For instance, preferred products and services in mainland Europe differ significantly from North America. The same approach may not work across regions. With its tailored approach, has made an unparalleled, envious name for itself.

Pricing & plans

  • Price First-timers' Affiliate starter kit $60
  • Overview Full Setup+ Website integration
  • Voice Control Rock-Solid tracking for SMB.
  • Weight Unlimited Affiliates
  • Size 1M tracking request/month
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  • Price Advanced Affiliate Features $95
  • Overview Full Setup + Website Integration
  • Voice Control Rock-Solid Tracking
    Ideal for SMB/Startups.
  • Weight Unlimited Affiliates
  • Size 1M tracking requests/month
    Support 365 Days a Year
    Free Lifetime Updates
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  • Price Full-Scale Affiliate Management $170
  • Overview Premium Setup + Website Integration
  • Voice Control Unlimited Affiliates
    5M tracking requests/month
  • Weight High Traffic Ready
    Multiple Administrators
  • Size SEO Friendly
    Support 365 Days a Year
    Free Lifetime Updates
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  • Price Out of the Box Affiliate Network Software $380
  • Overview Unlimited Affiliates
    Unlimited Merchants
  • Voice Control 20Mtracking requests/month.
  • Weight Support 365 Days a Year
  • Size Onboarding consultation service
    Free Lifetime Updates
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